Conference Times

13:00 Welcome Remarks – Jessica Dickers, Infrastructure Magazine

13:10 Keynote Address – Wayne Patterson, NSW Department of Customer Service

13:45 Presentation – Sue Keay, Queensland AI Hub

14:20 Panel – 'Digital asset strategies across Australia'


Luke Belfield, Office of Projects Victoria

Louise McCormick, NT Infrastructure Commission
Andrew Curthoys, Cross River Rail and Australasian BIM Advisory Board

15:05 Presentation – Genène Kleppe, Digital Twinning Australia

15:45 Conference close

Conference Program

The NSW Spatial Digital Twin

Wayne Patterson – Director of Spatial Operations, Spatial Services, NSW Department of Customer Service 

Wayne has led the team that developed the groundbreaking NSW Spatial Digital Twin, a 4D (3D+time) Foundation Spatial Data Framework. The NSW Spatial Digital Twin is helping the NSW Government with infrastructure assets planning and management, integration with land use planning, data collaboration, and sharing. 

This presentation also includes a live demonstration of the digital twin, showcasing what it is capable of and how it can be used to best advantage.

Making the most of AI and robotics

Sue Keay – CEO, Queensland AI Hub

Sue led the development of Australia’s first Robotics roadmap, outlining how robotics and automation will impact every sector of the Australian economy. She is now the CEO of the Queensland AI Hub helping Australia ride the wave of AI technology, data science, and robotics.

Sue's presentation will take a closer look at how these digital technologies are being implemented in the critical infrastructure sector, and the opportunities available that you can be taking advantage of.

Panel Session – State digital asset strategies across Australia

There are a number of innovative projects and digital asset strategies being implemented around the country and this panel will take a look at some of these key ones including: the Victorian Digital Asset Strategy; The Digital Territory Strategy; and the Australian BIM Strategic Framework.

Panellists include:

  • Luke Belfield, Acting Victorian Chief Engineer, Office of Projects Victoria
  • Louise McCormick, Interim Infrastructure Commissioner of the Northern Territory, NT Infrastructure Commission
  • Andrew Curthoys, Digital Relationship Manager, Information Management & Technology, Cross River Rail; and Chair, Australasian BIM Advisory Board

How asset owners should actually be digitising their physical assets 

Genéne Kleppe – Chief Executive Officer, Digital Twinning Australia 

People are demanding democratised multi-domain visual information. As we know, we are either sensate or concrete; we need to see/touch/feel and preferably right now, and digitising recreates how this is achieved.

Whether your innovation is seeking sustainability or disruption, digitising critical infrastructure requires getting out of the weeds. Digitising value propositions exist, with roadmaps abound. The simplicity of what you need to do will surprise you.

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